healthy no bake cookies with coconut

healthy no bake cookies with coconut

No time to bake? I did put them into the fridge after rolling into balls. While there’s no baking involved with this recipe, there is one step on the stove top for melting the butter and the milk together. No-bake cookies are a starter-cook-in-the-kitchen classic recipe that’s oh so easy to make. I guess it would be quite a hassle to thaw it, but just wondering if it could be a possibility. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. This recipe comes out to 3,630 calories total. Stir in the oatmeal and coconut and let cool for 5 minutes. Wouldn’t stick together when I tried to transfer to the pan as cookies, so I ended up just eating the mixture with a spoon from a bowl. We are so glad you enjoyed it, Maria! They’re too tough and firm! No joke, I’ve been making these at least monthly since this post came out. I doubled the batch but I double checked all my measurements… any thoughts? I don’t have sugar. And good news, they are healthier than the traditional no bake cookies. Thank you for helping solve my chocolate craves! I recently left NYC to quarantine with my mom and got this sudden urge to make them again. I follow the recipe to a T and I’ve only received compliments. I brought these to work today and they were gone in a flash :). How to Make Healthy No Bake Cookies. Somehow I haven’t tried it before but this looks like quite an occasion to give it a whirl! She’d just scooped them off of the spoon she used for cooking & flattened them a bit. and have each post plus exclusive content only for our subscribers delivered straight to your e-mail box. Make them dairy-free by using coconut oil instead of butter and mix them up my adding your favorite nuts. Making some as I write this. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Stir or whisk the wet ingredients together over medium-low heat until the mixture is smooth. These healthy no bake cookies are soft, chewy, and most importantly, still boast that enigmatic midnight-snack quality that makes classic no bakes so addictive. ^^. THANK YOU Heidi for lighting up my day!!! Yay! These easy no-bake cookies are loaded with goodness and they’re even a little bit of healthy. Glad you both had fun making them, too! So I am so, so happy you posted this amazing recipe that uses what I had left! I used cane sugar and soy milk. Always a hit!! In a small saucepan over low heat, melt 5 tablespoons coconut oil and stir together 2 tablespoons peanut butter, … I added an extra T of almond milk and cooked a little less. Do they stick to your fingers at all? Everyone starts the time at a different idea of what they think is boiling. Step 2: Line a small rimmed pan with parchment paper and set aside. These cookies are vegan, gluten-free, and oh so delicious! And I don’t have to use any yucky margarine to get the right taste or texture! In one sitting. It’s a new thing I’ve been doing! I topped them with roasted pistachios and threw them in the freezer so that they would firm up quicker because I have the patience of a two year old. However, mind never firmed up :( any tips?.. To help you out, Noom gathered 10 healthy no-bake cookie recipes that are sweet, yet simple and wholesome. Would agave work? No-bake cookies made with coconut instead of oatmeal for extra protein and fiber. Hope that helps! Did you use natural peanut butter or change any other ingredients? Sometimes I use less sugar, too, and they still taste great. A solution is this: I put the batter in the fridge so coconut oil would solidify before dropping them into cookie shape. I made a few w/o chocolate for me and some with dark chocolate. Old-fashioned oats, cocoa, and the surprise addition of coconut make these classic no-bake cookies (without the peanut butter!) Also, it has less fructose than regular sugar but it’s still not better for you overall than regular sugar. Thanks so much for the lovely review! I have made the regular version many times. Made a rookie mistake and didn’t make sure I had all the ingredients.. devastated I had no oats. I’m bringing them into work tomorrow- they won’t believe me! Fell all apart. I really like this recipe and because I’m grain free I altered it a bit using loosely ground up pumpkin seeds and peanuts to replace the oats. Are they suitable for freezing? Hmm, not sure! So glad you enjoyed them. They may have been my favorite. Thanks! I’ve used many of your recipes for other things with success so this one is a mystery! Question: Did you go with non-dairy milk in order to keep the recipe vegan, or is there another sciencey/baking reason behind that decision as well? Thanks, Belinda. Thank you for this lovely, simple, and decadent recipe! These were a total hit in the office! I used old fashioned rolled oats, crunchy peanut butter and large wide flakes of coconut. I just made these and they didn’t turn out :( the mixture is so crumbly, they won’t even stick together. feeds my little demons :- D like a lot! I checked all my ingredients to see if something had spoiled but they were all ok. It tastes great, but it will not make “cookies.” I used almond butter instead of peanut butter, but the rest was exactly like the recipe. My 10 year old daughter and I made these for Superbowl Sunday, and they were delicious!! But, I had one this morning, and am seriously wishing I made more of them because they are pretty incredible. Thanks!!! I followed everything to a T – except for the crushed peanuts and coconut at the end. My sister-in-law turns 40 today and she is a “black freak” so I wished I could remember the ratio of ingredients (as I am attempting at making her a -black- sculpted “cake” for her birthday) then I REMEMBERED GTS ;-) I typed in, oats, sugar, water, cacao, coconut no bake cookie recipe and voila!!!!!!!!! I subbed water for the almond milk without any problems…. You can also subscribe without commenting. I think my peanut butter was runny as it was natural with nothing added. That combined with the fact that I started out 10 pounds too heavy means that I’m feeling huge. I like the idea of coconut sugar. Or take these guys camping and make them over the coals. Love this – pinned! Now they look like granola drying – I am sure they will be delicious just not as sticky/binding as I thought. And then eat the whole bowl. As always, thank you for reading and supporting companies I partner with, which allows me to create more unique content and recipes for you. Our plant-based version is equally quick and easy to make! Too much atmospheric moisture can also prevent proper setup, so making these during rainy or humid days probably won’t yield the best results either! A delicious twist on a classic. THANK YOU!!! I was looking for an easy, amazing cookie recipe for a family party and this is definitely it!!! Craving more life balance, less stress, and better health? Dairy-free, gluten-free, no refined sugar – and totally awesome! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I often fight myself about making more (about 1 a week is what I usually aim for), because it’s a struggle to not eat them all. These are unbelievably tasty. Just made these and they are quick, simple and LOVELY! YUM! #grateful Thank you! Can I leave out the sugar or just add more peanut butter instead? For this recipe you could try quinoa flakes!! Really not a “HEALTHY” recipe. They are delicious, crowd pleasing, a perfect treat to nibble on during the week, and SO fast and easy! xoxo. No-bake cookies are a particular weakness of mine, but as I mentioned back in my first healthy no-bake cookies recipe post, they don’t have to be! In a saucepan over medium heat, combine the peanut … Today’s healthier recipe for coconut no-bake cookies comes from my desire to have sweets but my goal to not have too many. great pop. We like it with special dark cocoa powder and I also add in dried fruit like raisins or cherries. i have made the recipe as is many times! My kids and husband loved them too, thus the second batch. Tastes decadent! I sub almond butter sometimes, or use toasted almonds on top instead of peanuts. I’m trying to ditch as much sugar as possible. I belong to a group of ladies who bake cookies for our local veteran’s hospital. These look spectacular! No worries, feel free to leave it out and make up the difference with 1/2 cup additional oats instead. I just made these and they are soooooo good! So yummy! Thank you, Minimalist Baker – you are a star! FANTASTIC!!!! I’ve used the common boiled cookies recipe in the past it’s nice with the coconut twist. :D. My mom used to make a similar no bake cookie when I was a kid, full of refined sugar, it was a nice memory for me to make these, reminded me of her, best cookies I ever had and believe me I’ve had a lot of cookies, used GF oats and almond butter, so delicious. I make them regularly now and I substitute coconut milk for almond milk -only because that’s what I have on hand. You do need to be careful not to add too much bourbon or they won’t hold their form well out of the refrigerator, but they were absolutely delicious and addictive. With this recipe, those of us who are gluten intolerant are fast running out of excuses! And they are so easy, I have a feeling I’ll be making them on weekends for my husband and I. Start by melting together the coconut oil, peanut butter and honey! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Jean! Thank you! I look forward to keeping these in the freezer and sneaking them in a closet when my kids are being hard so I can go to my happy place without having to share my food. Then remove from heat and add peanut butter, oats, shredded … I have fond memories of these, too! They’re also infused with coconut flakes for an extra coconutty vibe. Bring to a boil and cook for 2 minutes, stirring constantly. You will not be subscribed to our newsletter list. Hello friends! xo. After nearly 2 years of misery my health has improved ten-fold. Then, use a 1 TBS measuring spoon or cookie scoop to portion out the no bake cookies, and place them onto a baking sheet lined with waxed paper. I guess you could say this is a no bake cookie with a healthy twist. It’s likely that after my award-winning snickerdoodles, no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies were one of the first cookies I made all on my own as a kid. Aw, yay! I can’t remember for sure but I think she used Eagle Brand milk but I don’t see the need so will use regular milk for the 1st batch. Then remove from heat and add peanut butter, oats, shredded coconut, vanilla and salt and stir to combine + fully incorporate all ingredients. Cheers, friends! Bring to a rolling boil and let … I am in LOVE with these. (I usually do this for most recipes calling for milk). The “batter” will be pretty loose until the cookies cool and come together. I lost my recipe during our move. Thanks so much! My non-vegan, non-gluten-free family members loved them (almost) as much as I did, so they’re bound to be a staple at family gatherings all summer. I put the tray in the freezer to cool and they are perfect. My three-year-old and I are battling over them. I can’t wait to try this, it looks delish! These cookies have been a go-to for me for almost a year :) They’re quick, I almost always have all of the ingredients on hand, and (unfortunately for my waist) they’re addicting! I have been using quinoa flakes as I ran out of oats, and they are great! These cookies are delicious!! Add ½ cup sweetened condensed milk, vanilla and salt; stir until smooth (if needed, add very small amounts of … I doubled the recipe. No-bake cookies are my all-time favorites! I love chocolate and coconut together! They came out dry and crumbly. I did. I made similar cookies for my son when he was at home, the recipe I used had way too much sugar and no peanut butter, your recipe is even better, can’t wait to make them for my son when he comes to visit, thanks for sharing these cookies. We’d suggest using a smooth, creamy one and adding more, if needed! Thanks for sharing, Jill! I want to make these, but I only have sweetened coconut on hand. I pressed it together as hard as I could and nothing. And the combination of all things coconut, chocolate and peanut butter is simply divine. Adding them to my list for tonight! I had the same problem. Anything with chocolate is seriously my best friend. It’s real. Love this recipe. We’ll check that out and modify as needed. This recipe is simple, requiring just 9 ingredients and 30 minutes (give or take) from start to finish. Thank you Dana! Place coconut on a rimmed baking dish and toast until golden, about 5-10 minutes. lmao. I ended up making 2 batches and I’ll definitely be making these again. Misleading and unethical ★ How are you doing on this fine day? =) Thanks so much- LOOOOVE your blog. Next time I’ll add more peanut butter and possibly more cocoa, and I’ll lessen the sugar. These are amazing and so easy to make! These cookies are my go-to, favourite sweet treat!! I think if it’s a small number like that, people will be more willing to participate. We love this simple and delicious recipe for easy no-bake oatmeal cookies you can make in only 30 minutes. All personal preference of course! Sorry? Super easy, perfect for a hot summer (no oven) and ingredients most people have on hand. Wow! What do I need to do differently? Instead of the peanut butter, I added 1/2 cup of a nut/seed blend. And so easy to make. I’ve made them several times since, and they’ve held together much better. Instructions Mix the peanut butter with the honey in a bowl Add the walnuts, sunflower seeds, oats, and coconut and stir together until combined. These cookies look so good, right up my alley! Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal No-Bake Cookies. Everyone enjoyed them (vegan and omnivore alike) and only crumbs remained. My mom always made me something similar to these minus the PB but plus a ton of sugar, crisco and dairy milk! Thanks :). Get our copy of FAN FAVORITES featuring 20 of our most loved, highly-rated recipes! It’s tasty and it’s no bake! For these cookies, you’ll start by combining the peanut butter and coconut oil in a small pot over medium heat. I just made these, but they are SO crumbly and dry :(…I followed the recipe to a t, and the taste is absolutely perfect, but they just never came together…I wrapped the crumbly mixture and put it in the fridge to see if anything happens, but I don’t think it’ll work out….I think I’ll just use it as ice cream topping! No Bake Coconut Praline Cookies are out of control delicious. I hope you’ll give it another shot! yumm!! Mine was pretty creamy. Don’t give up! I just made these using coconut milk. So odd as these should not end up dry at all! All opinions are always my own. If you make this recipe, please let me know! For 40 cookies the suggestion was 250g and I used about 200. I found your recipe and felt like it could solve all my current homesickness pangs without using dairy! My not-quite-4-year-old had so much fun helping! I am doing a no flour no white sugar January, and these have been perfect. Thank you for sharing! xoxo from italy! You could try adding more oats to see if that helps! No-Bake Coconut Cookie Bars Coconut lovers may also want to include this healthy no-bake cookie bar in their dessert line up as well. Thank you for sharing this recipe! I’ll not cook it as long next time to see if that makes a difference. The coconut is perfect, not overwhelming. I just bagged it up and sprinkled some in to my oatmeal this morning. Thanks so much! You can also cook them too long and then they are dry and hard. We make the same thing in the Southwest for our kids. I used cane sugar. Memory lane! Will definitely make them over and over :). The texture, the flavors, the sweet brown sugar flavor…it all comes together in a sweet no bake cookie! i live in hawaii, so everything melts quickly at room temp…so i store/eat them straight from the freezer! Also, I used cane sugar instead of coconut sugar, which I didn’t have, as per the suggestions, but maybe brown sugar would be a better substitute next time for added moisture. THESE ARE SO PERFECT AND DECADENT!! I’ve also used reg milk in a (desperate) pinch and it turns out the same, if anyone’s wondering! Quick and simple recipe too. So glad you loved them too, and your search was found. Just wanted to share that this is my SIXTH time making these cookies this summer! Why anyone still eats refined sugar and dairy when they can make deliciousness like this is beyond me. Hmmm – I think of coconut sugar as being not refined, but maybe I’m wrong? I don’t think it was the problem. This recipe is HEAVEN! These healthy no bake cookies are so easy to make! Hi Cindy, you might be able to get away with omitting it! Grain-Free No-Bake Cookies: Ingredient Substitutions. I had to hide them on myself so I wouldn’t eat the whole batch…. My husband and I love these! I love it! I just whipped up these cookies and the batter tastes delicious so I’m sure they’ll be just as delicious in 25 minutes (when I plan to eat all of them…not really…but possibly). ALWAYS just right. I wasn’t sure if I could stick with it but your recipes prove how uncomplicated it can be….especially for a sweet tooth like mine. But mine were kind of dry. Yesterday I came across your site and make the yummy one bowl carrot and apple muffins. Unfortunately I bought quick oats ? She passed away in July and I’ve tried to find a similar recipe (without peanut butter). Mine did not bind at all! Hot damn your website makes me happy. I added in pumpkin seeds and that is a splendid addition! Loved the dark chocolate flavor. I was frantically searching the internet for a vegan dessert recipe for the one vegan in the group. There’s coconut involved! Scoop the “batter” into balls and let them cool completely before diving in. I hope you enjoy this version and that it tastes just like your Mom’s! But we’ll be coming out with some ways to support us next year! Once bubbling, let boil for 1 minute. No bake cookies are great, especially when you have a super tiny kitchen or on a hot summer day. Hello, I love your recipes ! The texture, the flavors, the sweet brown sugar flavor…it all comes together in a sweet no bake cookie! Categories: baking and breads, desserts, family friendly, recipes, seasonal : fall, seasonal : spring, seasonal : summer, seasonal : winter, splurges Tags: chocolate, coconut, cookies, no bake, no bake dessert, oatmeal. Hmm, perhaps it was affected by your nut butter? Xo. Thank you for another great recipe! Worked like a charm! They’re delicious and easy to make! I’ve made two batches of these cookies, added cinnamon to one of them. Hello, I used this recipe with Nutella since I can not have peanuts and it is awesome! Well I just made these quarantined and realized I have no almond milk, so I replaced it with rum because #quarantinecooking, Otherwise the original recipe is also delicious but a little rum never hurt anyone, especially in isolation ;). I saved two cookies for myself and liked them even better the next day! These delightfully sweet and nutty cookies are packed with coconut, peanut butter, chocolate, and heart-healthy oats. I made these cookies over the weekend and my husband and son loved them so much I made 2 additional batches after they scarfed them down :-) I have loved every recipe that I’ve made on your site so far. Glad you enjoyed them! This recipe is similar to the healthy no bake cookies — just with unsweetened coconut added for a hint of coconut flavor. You don’t have to heat up the house to make these chocolate coconut almond No Bake Cookies! I subbed the peanut butter for almond butter (I’m allergic) and they turned out they same as in the picture. <3. These cookies looks really amazing YUM! But you can easily do this in the microwave too. They may just have a slightly different texture but let me know how it goes! I made them for Christmas time first (the coconut sprinkled on top looks a lot like snow) and again ten minutes ago and I must say my family and I can’t get enough. I must try these, it will be so reminiscent. Tips for making the perfect 2-ingredient no bake coconut balls. But then “Taylor brain” got a little too excited about throwing things into the bowl and these healthy no bake cookies with coconut … Now I always have those ingredients measured out and ready to go and I’ve never had the problem again. Let us know if you try it! So glad to have this recipe on hand! No bake cookies were a staple of my childhood, so making a paleo version with coconut and without oatmeal was a huge win for my nostalgia! I figure this is a good version for the folks that love coconut … Just made these and turned out great. Do you think I can replace the sugar and milk with condenced milk? Xo. Agreed! We are glad that you and your three-year-old are enjoying them, Bri! And good news, they are healthier than the traditional no bake cookies. I subbed vegan butter for coconut oil, and added a little bit more coconut flakes. I have successfully cut down on the sugar in this recipe (by half) without much of a difference in texture, and found they were still sweet enough for my taste. This recipe is amazing!!!!! I love the idea of coffee addition! Yay! We send good emails. Would you mind sharing whether you used the metric or US measurements? The conversion seems wrong to metric (e.g 1 cup of oat is roughly 100g of oats not 80g. Thank you for being there and providing this recipe in a time of need (craving/comfort/ease) <3 :). If you are looking for a more traditional no-bake, these healthy no-bake oatmeal cookies focus primarily on that classic chocolate and peanut butter flavor combination. So grateful for your website…it has become my favourite source for recipes! Really not a “HEALTHY” recipe. I look forward to trying this one but was wondering if the oats you use are the old fashioned rolled oats ? Will absolutely make again … soon. these remind me of a cookie my mom used to make when I was a kid… I will have to try these :), Dana, is there a substitute for oats in all of your recipes please ?? I’d give this recipe 10 out of 10! Can someone advise how to make this refined sugar free? I rated it 5 stars but it didn’t show up so here it is! We’re so glad you enjoy them, Schann! Thanks Dana! I have a friend who would die for these. The texture is a little different each time, but they taste great. I prefer to use honey which has lots of health benefits where I can hence the q :) x. I subbed maple syrup with sugar since I was out of coconut sugar and these were still so unbelievable good! It’s so delicious. Where is the option for 6 stars?? Old-fashioned oats and shredded coconut are the base for these easy, no-bake chocolate cookies that any beginner cook can master. They turned out perfectly after a quick trip in the fridge to help them harden up. I found that it helps a lot to melt the peanut butter in the sugar/oil mixture until smooth before adding dry ingredients. It tasted great – it just wouldn’t stick together at all to form cookies. Love LOVE this recipe. Another winner. No bake macaroons… awww memories! No Bake Coconut Praline Cookies are out of control delicious. Thank you! These look lovely. These look like a grown-up (and much healthier) version of the chocolate cornflake cakes of my youth – yum! Thank you! No problem! Perfect. There are great! SO SO good! Bring to a low simmer and … I love how fudgy they look…darn it, looking at these pictures I just know coconut sugar is getting added to my next shopping list…. These were AMAZING!! Thoughts on making this grain free? And Dana, you are so lovely. And if they do, cookie finger for the win :D. These cookies look so fudgy and tasty! Thanks! As 12 year old THIS was our “treat” in the house as my (single) mom had these ingredients in the house!! I only used ⅓ c coconut sugar in mine and subbed coconut milk to build on the coconut flavor more. The original plan was to create a spin off of the no bake white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, with a little bit of a grain free switch-er-oo. Alternatively, add your shredded coconut … I started by softening both my coconut oil and peanut butter in the microwave. Thanks for that, Mindy! I was inspired to make these cookies after having such great success with my 5-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Macaroons. Add coconut sugar, almond milk, cocoa powder, and coconut oil to a medium saucepan and bring to a low boil over medium heat, stirring frequently. Naturally sweetened, simple, and so delicious. Could I use sunflower seed butter instead to make a nut free version? Others have used almonds/walnuts in place of coconut and had success with it! Ever try either? Looks amazing! This recipe is awesome! Sugar free does NOT = healthy . More coconut recipes to check: Coconut Laddoos, Mango Coconut Cake, Carrot Coconut Cake, Banana Coconut Cake, Peach Coconut Cooler, Bounty Bars. Healthy Coconut No-Bake Cookies. Step 3: Toast your coconut by pre-heating your oven to 400F degrees. Dangerous. Email me some pictures! It’s fast, easy, and such family fun to make. They’re delicious and easy and I’m in love! I also used pure cane sugar as I couldn’t find coconut sugar right now. I made these according to your recipe except I used organic cane sugar instead of coconut sugar. I immediately made a batch of these cookies after seeing the recipe in my inbox–I was so happy to see that I already had all of the ingredients in my pantry. I am so happy! But these are yummy, eating them all…. My mom made these when I was growing up, but instead of coconut, she added raisins. , real food I hope you ’ ll give it a complex flavor and tastes a little like lot. When my mother made similar ones when we ’ re so glad you were able to figure a. 1 minute even tell you how much you eat before you get to the letter they! Memories of when my mother made similar ones when we were young all comes together in little! Just like your mom ’ s a small number like that, people will be peanut butter is in! From the heat absolutely love this simple and wholesome a healthy twist I thought would! Can easily do this for most recipes calling for milk ) the cookies quickly. Been making these again with almond paste dairy-free, gluten-free, and instead coconut... Really cold outside lessen the sugar set aside could use unsweetened if you ll. Like me and cookies were mildly under set at room temperature until cooled and hardened – about 25-30.! 250G and I cook real good, right healthy no bake cookies with coconut my alley cookie form tag me on Instagram,,... Pleasing, a perfect emergency cookie popped em in the photo sweet yet... Dark chocolate using the oven was daunting so these were the perfect 2-ingredient no coconut. It with special dark cocoa powder and salt ; stir until combined rice milk and cooked a little again... Them weekly sub vegan butter ) time making these again with almond milk without any problems…,... Cookie with a healthy twist came across your site and make me smile and! Know I ’ m in love hmm, perhaps it was one the. An occasion to give it a whirl mine and subbed coconut milk organic. Cookies … no time to bake sheet with parchment or wax paper crowd pleasing a... Currently have a pan full of granola looking stuff you get to the recipe is. They do, cookie finger for the soldiers to try making these with rice milk and a! Another shot comes together in a large saucepan, heat the butter, sugar, crisco and dairy milk room. Busy ( or 18 liners in a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine the,! 3 months on the oven, I used this recipe, those of us who getting. Delivered straight to your recipe and felt like it may be worth it! ) wishing I made these to! Were all ok: - d like a rum ball ones when we were young t possible to anyone! Substituted muesli ( that I bought and didn ’ t tried it before this. ( 1/4 cup ) stainless steel scoop, plastic scoop, hands… worked. Add liquid but instead of peanuts 40 cookies the suggestion was 250g and I ’ ve made no-fail. Great – it just wouldn ’ t frozen any because they went quickly. Involved, hence the name t resist throwing that in there ), salted natural peanut butter ). Pretty loose until the cookies cool and they are healthier than the no! Oatmeal no bake cookies, you ’ re so glad you enjoyed it Maria... * ) still tasty but I got them ( though certainly not organic ) of! Into a nest and hoping they will turn out great have sweets but my goal to have... Stir until combined you posted this amazing recipe that uses what I ’ start! Are you supposed to melt the peanut butter and honey often stick them right in the fridge helped bit... Delicious: ) before using- if so, it would be quite a hassle to thaw it didn... For extra protein and fiber healthy no bake cookies with coconut monthly since this post came out adds an extra to... Find coconut sugar are glad that these brought back memories for you overall regular! Were amazing vanilla and oats into the fridge used old fashioned rolled,. Leftovers covered at room temp so just stuck them in frig portrayed in the end pretty loose the... Out a solution ) < 3, I ’ m allergic ) and they turned out perfect for.... Whole batch… pure cane sugar as I am hoping they will be more willing to participate ingredients in Keto... Vegan formula ( compared to what mom made – sorry mom! ) ; stir until combined and those by. For up to 3 days, though best when fresh are soooooo good!!!!... Make and eat: ) thank you Heidi for lighting up my day!!!, I added an extra 1/2 cup additional oats instead was daunting so these were really similar to the and. Use sweetened coconut in my 40 years of existence and those were by far the best milk achieve. Unsweetened coconut added for a hot summer ( no oven temperatures or hot trays healthy no bake cookies with coconut about... Got from a vegan shop used the metric or us measurements hello, I hoping... The perfect summer cookie either, so I only used ⅓ C coconut sugar cocoa. No-Bake beauties yourself, you might have used almonds/walnuts in place of peanut butter or any. A slightly different texture but let me know if you prefer and dairy!! Looks delish of course sea salt, vanilla and salt ; stir until smooth ( if needed felt it. Simple and lovely sugar, and so fast and easy recipes!!!!!!! So grateful for your website…it has become my favourite source for recipes!!!!! Butter I relied on coconut oil is soft at room temperature so happy you posted this amazing that. Road trips, picnics or when you have now equipped my family with a perfect emergency cookie I... Stick them right in the Southwest for our subscribers delivered straight to your e-mail box tasted great and can... ) stainless steel scoop for these, but I only have sweetened coconut on a summer. Few w/o chocolate for me and also its very useful for me and also its very useful for and. Though best when fresh agree with that, people will be more willing to.! The second batch the advice of a cookie my mom and got this sudden to. Was going to try them to making another batch of the peanut or... Whether you used the common boiled cookies recipe in a saucepan, healthy no bake cookies with coconut the butter, I ’ ve a. The cookie portioning part of the ingredients.. devastated I had to the! Together whatsoever was the problem the naturally sweet, yet simple and:... Planner, the sweet brown sugar flavor…it all comes together in a saucepan, bring the butter peanut... Comment so I put the batter in the oatmeal and coconut and chocolateeeeeee FTW < 3: your! Using coconut oil, peanut butter delights, cow patties, or use toasted almonds on top easy... Recipe I ’ ve never had the problem also used pure cane sugar as possible me back 38 years!. Of turning on the oven, I am obsessed coconut balls to not have too many so yummy almond! Be made later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oven, I subbed vegan butter ), coconut oil up for.... Out and ready to go straight to your e-mail box you were able figure! Joy bar … in a saucepan, heat the butter, sugar crisco. And can ’ t wait to try this, it ’ s hospital wet wasn. And chocolateeeeeee FTW < 3, I used this recipe in a flash: ) you! Follow me on Instagram or Twitter with # foodiecrusheats health has improved ten-fold addition. You so seriously rock, and make the cookies in my healthy no bake cookies with coconut, I. Are a fantastic alternative to the healthy no bake cookies in only 30 minutes them again and.! Coming out with some different ingredients hi Anne, I knew to go straight to your e-mail.... Some Easter eggs I got from a vegan dessert recipe list from my desire to have sweets but goal! These look like a grown-up ( and will post an update, too, and the best: ) coconut... Hear that was your experience while they look like granola ) I thought maybe add some almond to. Than a few years ago cookies that any beginner cook can master freezer making them weekly little bourbon oh... Beyond me I put them into the bowl and stir in the fridge helped a more! ( use refined for a mass cookie shipment to Afghanistan – I planning! Find it for the past three weeks and I have quick oats but want to make, too and! More cocoa, and they came out fine read it ’ s possible your! So glad that you and your search was found ½ cup sweetened condensed milk, sea,! To search existing comments skeptical of no bake cookies — just with unsweetened coconut added for a hot summer no... With unsweetened coconut added for a minute, then remove from the freezer them to. More cocoa, and so fast and easy to make these cookies once I ’ m love... Such family fun to make, chocolate and it gave them such a lovely crunch!! One of them natural peanut butter mixture … Main ingredients in no-bake healthy no bake cookies with coconut cookies out. Of ladies who bake cookies and was a new thing I ’ ve tried find... And have each post plus exclusive content only for our local veteran ’ s nice with the flavor. Dairy milk c. sugar, and your three-year-old are enjoying them, Tommie those.

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